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Duties and responsibilities

  • The overall job of the Bar Manager is to oversee the bar’s running on behalf of the Licensee and the Club. To ensure that tasks are undertaken by themselves or others as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that all staff are fully trained in all aspects of bar operation – Pouring drinks, correct measures, prices, changing barrels, changing gas, money handling, food orders, tabs, till operation, stocking shelves, cleaning, ullage, waste, licensing law, age restrictions.
  • Ensuring that all staff are compliant with Health and Safety – understand their obligations, know who the first aiders are and where the first aid box and first aid book is stored, know that there is a defibrillator on site and where it is, know where the panic buttons are, know where the fire assembly point is, knowing who to contact in an emergency.
  • Ensuring that staff knows the rules of the club and their role in enforcing them – dress code, behaviour, gambling rules, phone use.
  • Ensuring that the Members’ Loung, the Grange Suit, the Oak Room, and the Patio area are cleared of all empty glasses and bottles, ashtrays are emptied and cleaned, and tables are wiped down.
  • Assist the Front of front-of-house manager with serving, clearing plates, washing up, polishing cutlery, and laying tables when necessary.
  • Stock ordering – beer, spirits, soft drinks, crisps, nuts, gas, cleaning, glass washer, line cleaner, etc.
  • Stock takes, checking stock, monitoring ullage, maintaining sufficient stock levels but not overstocking.
  • Ensuring stock rotation – stock should be used in date order to avoid waste.
  • Staff Rotas – preparing the staff rotas for manning the bar in good time, ensuring staff are aware of rotas and where to find them. Ensuring appropriate staffing levels.
  • Cleaning schedule – maintaining a cleaning schedule for the bar and equipment and ensuring that all staff undertake some of these tasks weekly.
  • Daily bar cleaning, including bar surface, nozzles, tables, and floor in both the bar and stock room,
  • Washing and replacing bar runners, drip trays, and tea towels.
  • Ensuring that the glass washer is salted and cleaned.
  • Ensuring that the coffee machine is refilled and cleaned.
  • Recycling bottles and cardboard daily. Emptying bar rubbish bin daily.
  • Ensuring the bar fridges and shelves are fully stocked at the start of every shift. Replacing bottles on optics when necessary.
  • Day-to-day bar duties – Dispensing drinks, taking food orders, taking carvery bookings, taking function bookings, taking money, making tea and coffee where necessary.
  • Taking table drink orders where necessary at a function/event.
  • Ensuring that pre-ordered wine is on tables as required with appropriate glasses.
  • Cashing up the tills, ordering change, and maintaining accurate records
  • Cleaning the beer lines on a weekly basis using appropriate methods.
  • Changing/tapping Barrels, changing gas, changing post mix
  • Taking in deliveries
  • Ensuring the stock room is maintained appropriately and kept clean and tidy.
  • Ensuring the Cellar is maintained appropriately – cleaned regularly, empty barrels removed, rubbish disposed of temperature maintained.
  • Ensuring that high-quality customer service is maintained, staff are dressed appropriately, and know how to respond to customer queries and complaints.
  • Liaising with the Front of front-of-house manager, General Manager, Management Committees, staff, and customers.
  • Liaising with Brewery and other Reps, negotiating prices and stock requirements.
  • Putting on special appropriate promotions as necessary.
  • Locking the building and setting the alarm


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