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The land on which Brickendon Grange stands was once part of the Manor of Brickendonbury. The mansion known as the Grange, and now the clubhouse, was built in 1859 by Benjamin Cherry. Several wealthy families used The house as a family home during the first 100 years of its existence. Many of the building’s original features, together with many specimen trees planted in Victorian times, still stand today.

In 1964, the entire Estate, including the mansion house and other buildings, together with the surrounding 139 acres, was put up for sale by auction and purchased by the 16 original founder members of Brickendon Grange Golf Club, led by L.A.W Noble.

Construction of the course was started in 1965, with the first 15 holes completed in 1967 and the full 18 holes in 1968. The course was designed by C.K. Cotton and was constructed by V.E.B. Ltd, which has designed and constructed many famous courses worldwide.

Many improvements shaped the clubhouse and course as we know it today in the 1970s. During the 1980s, the same striving for excellence continued. A thousand trees and shrubs were planted. Those improvements have been built on since, and year after year, the course has continued to evolve into the outstanding course it is now.

A major investment in the clubhouse started in 2019 for £1.3M. It includes an events facility called the Grange Suite, a patio with 100 quality seats, and a major upgrade of the members’ lounge.
Today, we have a course and clubhouse that would have given as much pleasure to our founders as it gives to our members and visitors.



1859 – Benjamin Cherry (a local magistrate) built The Grange on farmland his family owned. He increased the size of the Estate, developed the land, and planted many trees.

1874—His son, the Reverend Benjamin Newman Cherry, inherited the Estate on Benjamin’s death and leased it to Henry Wilson Demain Saunders (a merchant) on a 14-year lease.

1886—John Trotter (a merchant and insurance director) purchased the Grange from the Cherry family. He increased the size of the Estate and employed Head Gardener Charles Cox to improve the grounds and gardens further.

1913—On John’s death, his son, Richard Durant Trotter (Banker and chairman of Alliance Assurance Co.), inherited the Estate and, inspired by local horticulturist E. A. Bowles, continued the development of the grounds and gardens.

1923 – Kenneth Rankin Campbell (retired Lieutenant Colonel and former Seneschal of Sark) purchased the Estate from the trustees of the Trotter family.

1932—On K.R. Campbell’s death, his daughter Helen Myrtle Fender and her paper and wine merchant husband Robert (Robin) inherited the Estate. They increased the amount of land but demolished two-thirds of the main Grange building. Robert was the brother of the famous English cricketer Percy Fender.

1946 – William Hilton Briggs (Chairman of Benskin’s Brewery in Watford) and his wife Doris (nee Benskin) purchased the Estate.

1952 – Mr. Anthony North Hickley (farmer and solicitor) purchased the Estate.

1955 – Henry R. Townsend (publisher) purchased the Estate from Hickley and increased the acreage by 40 acres by buying Claypits Farm.

1964—The estate was auctioned, and a consortium of 16 individuals under the auspice of Brickendon Grange Ltd purchased the entire 139-acre Estate and buildings for £46,500, to construct a Golf course and Country club.

1965 – Construction of the Golf Course began.

1966 – The first AGM of Brickendon Grange Golf Club took place, and the Golf club was formed.

1967 – The first 15 holes were opened for play.

1968 – All 18 holes were completed.

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