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Wet Wet Wet.

Well, what can I say?

This is a very testing time right now, not only for the course, for me but also for you.

I have been here 15 years and have seen this course in many conditions, but I have never seen it this wet at this time of year.

It is very frustrating, and the last thing we want right now is to shut the course or only open on limited holes.

Certain holes have been closed not because they are wetter but because the slopes on those holes, combined with the wet surface, make them dangerous to walk on, especially the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th.

Last Tuesday, I really thought we were getting somewhere.

The grass was being cut, the newly installed eco bunkers were brought back into play, and we were preparing to remove the winter hedgehog wheels from electric trollies and reintroduce buggies.
We took in a lot of ropes and were getting ready to go.

Well, someone had a different idea.

From that evening to date, we have received another 39 mm of rain in 9 days.


Since the beginning of January, we have had 256.5 mm of rain, which is 10 inches in old money.

The average rainfall for Hertford for Jan, Feb & March combined is 101.72 mm or 4 inches

Our rain gauge recorded 100mm (4”) of rain in February  (Average Feb 37.25mm)

In March, we recorded 75mm of rain.
(Average March 29.74mm)

Data from Weather & Climate GB

When the rain stops, the course will recover quickly. I have been around and checked all drainage outlets, and they are flowing at great speed.

Last year, we hired a soil slitter, which has made a huge difference, allowing the rain to penetrate the surface more easily.

The second hole was problematic last Winter, but it recovered much quicker this year after the slitting.
The slitter cost £3,000 for 2 weeks to hire.

Having witnessed the improvements this made last year, we have purchased one and will use it for more than just two weeks during the back end of the season when we are preparing for winter.

We are waiting for the rain to stop and the course to dry a little.

Then, we can really get started and deliver the golf course to the standard we all know and love.

I feel we have the best team this year to take it to another level.

We have a mountain of work to complete, but when we are let loose, we will do so as fast as possible.

Please bear with us, as I know this truly sucks right now, and thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind regards
Lewis and the team.


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